The most comfortable way to summit Tryfan, from the Ogwen Valley Cafe and visitor centre.

This walk takes in beautiful waterfalls, a breathtaking mountain lake and a challenging scramble to reach the Adam & Eve stones at the top.

The option for descending via Heather Terrace is included in this trail route.

Distance 3.6 miles

Time 3 to 4 hours (walking) 1 hour 20 mins (running)

Total Descent 2,096ft

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Summits Tryfan (917.5m)

Views Ogwen Valley, the Glyderau, the Carneddau, Gallt Yr Ogof, Bristly Ridge, Llyn Bochlwyd, Llyn Idwal, Llyn Ogwen.


Tryfan via Llyn Bochlwyd Trail Route 3D Map



1. From the Ogwen Visitor Centre we take the well marked path towards Tryfan, stopping at the popular waterfall viewpoint with Y Garn mountain in the background. Shortly after this, as the path bears to the right we take the stepping stones on the left, continuing towards Tryfan.


2. The path climbs on mainly man made steps alongside another stunning waterfall to the lake Llyn Bochlwyd. We love having a coffee break here. The path continues upwards to the left hand side of Llyn Bochlwyd.


3. On reaching Bwlch Tryfan, there’s a dry stone wall that links Bristly Ridge and Tryfan. We follow a short section of the wall to the left and then begin summiting Tryfan over the boulders. The final plateau before the summit has some breathtaking drops and views.


4. On this trail route we start to descend from where we came, retracing steps down the boulders until reaching level ground. Hopping over the stile and descending a short steep path we take the Heather Terrace path on the left. This cuts down across the east face of the mountain, curling around the bottom of the North Face and rejoining the road by Llyn Ogwen. A short walk roadside brings us back to the visitor centre.







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