The most simple walk to enjoy in Ogwen Valley, our Llyn Idwal Loop is a gentle wander around a landscaped bowl dating back to glacial erosion.

The views are great, Llyn Idwal is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the area and the whole loop comes in under 3 miles.

It’s a fantastic walk to do with loved ones who aren’t interested in climbing mountains, with the option to cut it even shorter to miss out the Devils Kitchen waterfall and boulders at the south tip.

Distance 2.8 miles

Time 1 hour 30 mins (walking) 30 mins (running)

Total Ascent 1,166ft

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Summits (none)

Views Ogwen Valley, the Glyderau, the Carneddau, Llyn Idwal.




Llyn Idwal Loop 3D Map



1. From the Ogwen Valley visitor centre a clear path leads up some man made steps and towards the mountains. Within a minute there is a great viewing spot of a big waterfall from the first footbridge, with Y Garn mountain in the background. The well maintained path wanders gently upwards to Llyn Idwal.


2. The first view of the lake itself is stunning, with the lower slopes of Y Garn, Glyder Fawr and Y Gribin circling Llyn Idwal and on still days the reflections can be incredible from here. We like to take the left hand side of the lake on a clear path.


3. At the south tip of the lake there is a choice between turning right for a shorter loop or ascending a few feet to scramble some boulders and discover the Devil’s Kitchen waterfall. The latter path drops down and eventually meets the previous right turn along the west side of the lake.


4. At the north tip of the lake there is a stile over a wire fence clearly visible a few yards across the grass, this route down drops into a magical gorge in the rocks that serves as the perfect finish to this beautiful Snowdonia trail route.










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