The Carneddau is popular mountain range in North Wales for wild camping and overnight stays due to the remoteness and vastness of the landscape, but this Dulyn Bothy Hiking Loop makes a really comfortable walk for our walking-pace-only family and friends.

Stopping halfway at the spacious and well kept bothy adds an extra dimension to the standard mountain wander. The two reservoirs, Melynllyn and Llyn Dulyn, are both staggeringly beautiful and a joy to spend any amount of time near.

Distance 5.5 miles

Time 2 hour 30 minutes walk (allow time to relax at the bothy on top of this)

Total Ascent 1,384ft

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Summits none

Views Craig Eigiau, Foel Grach, Garnedd Gwenllian, Foel Fras, Melynllyn (reservoir), Llyn Dulyn (reservoir)


Early autumn, blue skies and sunshine tour of this route:


This trail route in March, hazy winter tones:


Dulyn Bothy Short Loop 3D Map


Overlooking Llyn Dulyn from the Eigiau side of the valley

Dulyn Bothy Hiking Loop 01

Dulyn Bothy on a lovely blue sky day



1. We park at the Carnedd Llewelyn car park, high up in the Carneddau on a steep single road that snakes up from Tal Y Bont. There’s only two path choices from here; down to Llyn Eigiau towards Ogwen Valley, or across towards the Dulyn valley. Going clockwise around the Dulyn loop means dry feet to the bothy & wet feet at the end, going anticlockwise means wet feet when we get to the bothy and dry back to the van, if we light a fire.


2. Navigation is simple for most of this trail, mostly following the inside of the valley horseshoe. The section between the bothy and the bridge to cross the Afon Dulyn river is the only grey area, with multiple paths across and most of them very wet in anything but mid-summer. We keep the river on our right/left as the route marker in low visibility for this area (depending on which way round the loop we’re on).


3. A note on the bothy – this is a very popular and well kept bothy. We always take kindling, firelighters and/or logs and leave what we don’t use for others. If you read this and make a visit, think about everyone else and pass some kindness forward. It’s looked after by the Mountain Bothies Association for the benefit of everyone.


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