This scenic trail route wanders past Llyn Ogwen, ascends the infamous Devils Kitchen stairs and reachest its highest point at the summit of Y Garn mountain.

Y Garn is a fabulous mountain for it’s 360 degree views, but the normal north east path is a drag to go up, so we usually head this way around as Devils Kitchen is much more fun and picturesque.

The loop takes in four lakes, Llyn Ogwen, Llyn Idwal, Llyn y Cwn & Llyn Clyd.

Distance 4.6 miles

Time 2.5 hours (walking) 1 hour (running)

Total Ascent 2,368ft

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Summits Y Garn (946m)

Views Llyn Ogwen, Llyn Idwal, Pen Yr Ole Wen, Glyder Fawr, Y Gribin, Y Garn, Elidir Fawr, Snowdon (from Y Garn summit).

Hyperlapse video descending Devils Kitchen towards Llyn Idwal



Devils Kitchen & Y Garn 3D Map



1. Parking near Llyn Ogwen and the visitor centre, this route wanders up to Llyn Idwal, taking in the beautiful west side of the lake. The ascent begins at Idwal Slabs, a huge open faced stretch of rock at the south tip of Llyn Idwal.


2. The path crosses under Idwal Slabs and weaves up through the boulders to the Afon Llyn Cwm waterfall. Up to the left of the waterfall is the familiar stile and dry stone wall – a great place for the view in good weather and a welcome shelter for a breather in challenging conditions.


3. Just as the trail flattens out, the beautiful little lake Llyn y Cwn comes into view, we skirt around the right hand side of the water and pick up the path towards the summit of Y Garn. This is a straightforward hill walk to the top.


4. Continuing north from the summit down the Cwm Clyd valley bowl, there’s a path that drops off the edge to the right and then follows the ridgeline all the way down. The trail becomes man made stone steps before evening out at Llyn Idwal, a few minutes from the end back at Llyn Ogwen.





Llyn Idwal Loop - Walking & Running in Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia



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