A great one for quick mid-week adventures, crossing Crib Goch and descending the Pyg Track is only at it’s most fun when the weather is hot, dry and sunny and there’s as few people as possible on the trail. On a quiet day it’s loads of fun, the views are fantastic and descending the top section of the Pyg Track across the scree (instead of using the zig zag path) is one of the highlights few mention.

Distance 6.2 miles

Time 1 hours 45 minutes

Total Ascent 2,993ft

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Summits Crib Goch, Garnedd Ugain, Snowdon

Lakes (views of) Llyn Llydaw, Llyn Glaslyn


Crib Goch & Pyg Track Running Route | thefrozendivide



Crib Goch | September 2018 | thefrozendivide 03



Crib Goch | September 2018 | thefrozendivide 01



Crib Goch | September 2018 | thefrozendivide 02


Crib Goch & Pyg Track Running Route by The Frozen Divide




1. Pen Y Pass is our starting point of choice for quick visits to the Snowdon Horseshoe, with it’s elevation meaning there’s only the fun challenges ahead. We always play the floor is lava from the car park to the Crib Goch fork to get warmed up (running from rock to rock without touching the ground).


2. Ascending Crib Goch is way more fun than the actual crossing itself, facts. The scramble up is loads of fun, looking back every couple minutes towards Glyder Fawr to realise how quick the ascent is. Crib Goch’s actual ridge is very short, over in a matter of minutes, and really just a case of balance confidence.


3. Crib Goch’s Pinnacles and Garnedd Ugain are equally as much fun as the ridge, if not more so, we love wandering and scrambling the boulders on both.


4. Descending the Pyg Track is one of our favourite lines in Snowdonia. From the top of the Zig Zag path we jump off trail to the right, running the scree down to rejoin where the proper path straightens back out. After that the Crib Goch & Pyg Track Running Route is wide open and tons of fun to stride out back to Pen Y Pass.


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