Helvellyn Horseshoe


We had a rough early morning ascent to the summit from Thirlmere car park, with the wind and rain swirling around us.

It eased a little as we hit the top, so we pushed around the horseshoe, down Striding Edge and up Swirrel Edge.



Striding Edge is a disappointment for those going on the overly dramatic descriptions of weekenders – in reality it’s a gentle fairly level ridge, with normal trail paths running either side of the “spiky” top. The steepest section that joins the ridge to Helvellyn’s summit is the only semi-challenge to any hardened runner or scrambler.

I did however on this occasion enjoy it more than running it solo – heading over with the gang having a boss laugh more than made up for the lack of physical challenge.

Swirrel Edge however is a stark contrast – beautiful rock formations of all shapes, the lines of the ridge so much easier on the eye and on this trip a quick calf burner back up the Helvellyn summit.