Distance: 8.69 miles

Time: 3 hours 10 minutes (running)

This is a challenging loop to begin with, that evens out and offers breathtaking views over the Ogwen Valley, Carneddau and beyond to the coast.

Pen Yr Ole Wen & Llewelyn 1 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide

1. I park somewhere near Ogwen Valley cafe, cross the stile and climb steeply to the Pen Yr Ole Wen summit. Then I take the ridge path around to Carnedd Dafydd summit, keeping Cwm Lloer below right.

2. Dafydd to Llewellyn is simple as the drop (and view) is on my left hand side.

3. Running down the Bwlch Eryl Farchog ridge is pure bliss, and I take the steep right hand scree line down with Ffynnon Llugwy on my right hand side.

4. It’s then the single longest stretch of the loop to cross the marshland down to Llyn Ogwen and back to the van. I don’t really ever stick to the paths this way, it’s much more fun just running free off trail in the long grasses.

Trail Route Close Ups

Pen Yr Ole Wen & Llewelyn 2 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide
Pen Yr Ole Wen & Llewelyn 3 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide
Pen Yr Ole Wen & Llewelyn 4 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide


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I plan my routes across Snowdonia & the Lake District with the Ordnance Survey OS Maps app, using both Google’s satellite view and Instagram photographs to learn about the terrain before I visit.

Please note my trail maps on here are for basic interest level only: if you intend on visiting these areas you should do extensive homework and fully research each location from a different source.