Distance: 6 miles

Time: 3 hours 30 minutes (walking)

This beautiful loop gives everything the Lake District has to offer – waterfalls, forests, lakes/tarns, quarries and above all a magnificent summit to survey the landscape for miles. A small group of us walked this comfortably at sunset.

Old Man of Coniston 1 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide

1. We parked in Coniston itself and headed up the well marked signs towards Coniston Fells and the Coppermines. Some stunning sections of waterfall along the river here.  

2. Past the Venue For Hire place the path banks up steeply to the absolutely breathtaking Levers Water. 

3. After picking our jaws up we headed round the reservoir and up sharply to the ridge that lead us left to the summit of The Old Man Of Coniston. Incredible sights from here at sunset.

4. The short descent through the old copper quarry was really fun, and we ended wandering way off trail having too much fun exploring, before eventually rejoining the first section back to Coniston town.

Trail Route Close Ups

Old Man of Coniston 2 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide
Old Man of Coniston 3 | Trail Route | thefrozendivide


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I plan my routes across Snowdonia & the Lake District with the Ordnance Survey OS Maps app, using both Google’s satellite view and Instagram photographs to learn about the terrain before I visit.

Please note my trail maps on here are for basic interest level only: if you intend on visiting these areas you should do extensive homework and fully research each location from a different source.